Hope Takes Action
February 23, 2017

Hope Takes Action is an educational/mentoring program with a mission to empower individuals to transition to self-sufficiency with community support.

It is a program of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which provides financial assistance to people in need. The three Roman Catholic churches in McHenry — St. Mary, St. Patrick and Holy Apostles — and the First United Methodist Church of McHenry have spearheaded Hope Takes Action.

“Getting Ahead” program for participants:

– Attend 16-20 educational workshops

– Meet weekly for three-hour sessions

– Examine how resources affect their lives and ability to succeed

– Learn the 11 resources to plan a better life: financial, emotional, language, cognitive, spiritual, social, physical, motivation, integrity, relationships, and knowledge.

– Formulate a personal plan, based on goals, to get out of poverty

– Receive free meals and childcare (if needed) during work sessions

– Receive weekly stipend of support during workshop series
“Bridges Out of Poverty” Program for volunteers:

– Community seminars examine issues of poverty

– Assist with planning, development and implementation

– Coach and mentor Hope to Action investigators

– Guide the “Getting Ahead” process

– Help with meals, childcare, set-up/clean up for work sessions

Major funders for Hope Takes Action are the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the McHenry County Community Foundation and the Mental Health Resource League.

Info: Program Director, Bill Meath, 815/385-3251; info@hopetakesaction.net