Make Help Possible Around The World
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
March 8, 2018
DIOCESE—The International Appeal combined collection will be taken up in parishes across the Diocese of Rockford the weekend of March 10-11.
This annual opportunity to assist the Church at work beyond our parishes will benefit four international causes:
 Aid to the Catholic Church in Central and Eastern Europe assists the Church as it continues its struggle to rebuild after some 70 years of oppressive rule. Although it is more than 25 years after the fall of communism, the blows dealt over those seven decades included its church buildings being confiscated, parish communities destroyed, priests arrested and many killed, and the faith was practiced secretly. Giving to this collection assists building of physical churches and also supports seminary programs, renews community life and rebuilds ministries and education for children and families. Last year, this Diocese contributed $21,480 to this appeal.
 The Catholic Relief Services Collection assists six Catholic agencies in their work on behalf of victims of persecution and natural disasters. Those agencies include Catholic Relief Services; the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.; the USCCB Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church; the USCCB Department of Migration and Refugee Services; the USCCB Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development; and the Holy Father’s Relief Fund. Last year, this collection benefitted from $69,213 donated by Catholics of the Rockford Diocese.
 Peter’s Pence provides the Holy Father with the funds he needs to carry out his charitable works. Proceeds benefit victims of war, oppression and disasters. Last year this diocese contributed $172,997 to this cause.
 The Worldwide and U.S. Disaster Relief Fund allows the Bishop of the Diocese of Rockford to respond on behalf of the people of the diocese when bishops in areas affected by natural disasters or significant need petition him for assistance. This past year, Bishop David Malloy distributed a total of $20,000 to the victims of hurricanes Irma and Harvey in addition to emergency collections taken up at diocesan parishes.
Additionally, two causes within the Rockford Diocese — Catholic elementary schools and the diocesan priests pension fund — will be part of this collection.
Special envelopes for donations to the 2018 International Appeal will be mailed to parishioners throughout the diocese. Donations also can be made online at
“Our offering (to this appeal) allows us to fulfill our duty of charity beyond our national borders,” Bishop Malloy says in the appeal brochure. 
“In all of these elements of that collection, we stand with the Church in her work of love and charity.”