It’s All Saints Catholic Academy
By Penny Wiegert, Editor
June 21, 2018
ROCKFORD—One word at a time, students from the Cathedral of St. Peter, St. Bernadette, St. Edward, and St. James schools revealed an invitation to join them at their new school during a scheduled recreation night at Sinnissippi Park, June 14.
A crowd of more than 50 parents, students, Joint School committee members, teachers and priests gathered to learn the new name. 
Very Rev. Stephen J. St. Jules, V.F., rector of the Cathedral of St. Peter kicked off the reveal with a prayer, saying “Our opening song is provided by the birds,” that were chirping in the background.
Eight students held photos of the schools and parishes that would be spiritually and financially supporting the new school. When they flipped the photos, the signs read “Come follow me to All Saints Catholic Academy.” 
All Saints Catholic Academy will be located in the St. James School building, consolidating four schools and serving young people from St. Anthony of Padua, St. Patrick, SS. Peter and Paul and St. Stanislaus Kostka parishes.
“I think the new name is actually a wonderful name,” said Sarah Hyser of Rockford. “There are so many different churches and saints, and the new name kind of encompasses everything. What’s also exciting is people from other parishes who want to come to the school can, and it’s a convenient location.” 
Hyser’s son James Huckelberry, age 4-and-a-half, is a student at St. Bernadette and will be attending St. James in the fall.
“I’m happy about (the new name),”  said Mary Ahearn-Larson. “As a parent, knowing the schools were being consolidated, it was important to have a name early so we can start talking about it because I think it’s going to help the kids be able to transition better.” 
Her daughter Delcie Ahearn-Collins, age 10, who attended St. Bernadette from kindergarten through fifth grade, will attend St. James in the fall. Extremely low 2018-19 enrollment numbers forced the school to close a year early.
Ahearn-Larson said she is giving the new school “a chance for several reasons.
“It’s helpful to know that a couple of teachers my daughter has had are going to be there. It’s also going to have the new curriculum. I’m excited that it’s not just going to be STEM but STREAM.” 
STEM refers to a focus on science, technology engineering and math education. STREAM adds religion and the arts. 
“I’m really excited they’re going to get a language,” Ahearn-Larson added.
“It’s also exciting to be at the beginning of something. It’s historic, too. She’ll (Delcie) be able to say she was a part of the first class at the new school when it opened,” Ahearn-Larson added.
Registration opens in January 2019.
Melissa Westphal, communication strategist for Chartwell Agency, contributed to this story.
All Saints Catholic Academy will open in the fall of 2019. Registration will begin in January of 2019. Open house opportunities will be held later in the fall and plans are being made for students to be involved in choosing the new school colors, mascot and logo.
Melissa Westphal, communication strategist for Chartwell Agency, contributed to this story