Festa fun facts
August 9, 2018
 Festa Italiana is the largest fundraiser for The Greater Rockford Italian American Association (GRIAA), along with the men’s and women’s golf play days.
 GRIAA has raised $717,000.00 for scholarships over the last 39 years. The scholarship money has gone to students with an Italian background to offset the cost of tuition.
 The scholarship money has helped 85 university students, 650 high school students and 715 elementary school students.
 There are over 1,000 volunteers throughout Festa weekend.
 Festa Italiana attractions include:  carnival rides, continuous entertainment, Italian food, kids crafts and bocce all weekend.
 Over 2,000 links of sausage are served during Festa.
 Around 1,000 pounds of Italian beef is served during Festa.
 Over 4,000 homemade Italian cookies are made for Festa weekend. 
 80-100 gallons of granita are consumed during Festa weekend, and lemon is the best seller.
 The bocce tournament hosts 80 games in two days, which is about 40 teams.
 Sfingi pastry is one of the best sellers during Festa weekend, and about 160 pounds of sugar and cinnamon are used to coat the sfingi.
 The Amici Italiani Dance Troupes learn traditional Italian dances and perform every year at Festa.  They range in age from 6 to 60.