Lee Parish Welcomes Muslim Students
September 13, 2018
Muslim visitor, Eda Uzun is one of four young Muslim students attending Paw Paw High School who have been welcomed by the congregation of St. James Parish in Lee.
The students have come from Muslim countries, and have attended Mass on a regular basis, witnessed most of the sacraments celebrated at the parish, and have helped at funeral luncheons.
Sena Uzun, Eda’s sister  from Turkey, was a 2014 graduate. Bibi Dekhkanova from Tajikistan was a 2016 graduate. Esra Dogan from Turkey was a 2018 graduate.
Eda is on a two-month visit in the U.S., visiting schools and being part of the St. James family before she begins college in Turkey in a few weeks.
Each of the students stayed with the Mendoza family during their school year in the U.S., said Mary Mendoza, a parishioner. Sena Uzun met the Mendoza family in Medjugorje last year and asked to be baptized a Catholic. Father Matthew.
Father Camaioni is parochial vicar at Immaculate Conception, Fulton and St. Patrick, Albany