Original Bell to be Placed in New Tower at Holy Cross in Batavia
October 11, 2018
Holy Cross Church in Batavia received delivery of the parish’s original, 4,000 pound bell early in the week of Sept. 24.
It is to be placed in the bell tower of the anticipated St. John Paul II Perpetual Adoration Chapel.
The parish has had adoration several days a week in a room directly off the main sanctuary of the 1994 church building. That room is used for Mass seating on weekends.
The planned perpetual adoration chapel is part one of a three-part “Give Back to the Lord in Thanksgiving” campaign recently begun at the parish.
The other two parts will fund renovation of the church interior and an expansion of the education center to add space for several classes along with a kitchen and cafeteria.
The original bell, donated to the parish by a generous non-Catholic, was installed at the 1897 Holy Cross Church one year after the church was built, according to Father James Parker, pastor.