North Campus Students Welcome Bishop for Mass
By Margarita Mendoza, El Observador Editor
October 25, 2018
AURORA—In his first visit after the consolidation of four schools into Pope St. John Paul II Catholic Academy with two campuses, Bishop David Malloy offered a Mass for students and staff at the North Campus at St. Joseph Parish, here.
In his homily at the Oct. 11 Mass,  the bishop told everone to “live this life the way Jesus wants it.” 
He reminded the students of the purpose of the place.  
“We are here at school to help you not only to learn all your reading and writing, but most especially to learn about Jesus Christ, about the faith, about the sacraments, about sin, about forgiveness, about going home and praying quietly in your room, all by yourself.”
Bishop Malloy shared a memory of morning Masses when he was a student. 
“In those days you had to fast before Communion for three hours ... . We couldn’t have breakfast before we got to school. We used to come with two bags — one for breakfast and one for lunch.”  
He invited the students to go to Mass “especially on Sundays.”
He also asked if anyone had ever met a saint. Then he told them he “met a number of times the saint this place is named for” — Pope St. John Paul II — when Bishop Malloy worked at the Vatican. 
He also told them he “met Mother Teresa. I had breakfast with her.”
The founder of the Sisters of Charity, she worked in India most of her life and is now a saint.
Bishop Malloy talked about gratitude, saying, “I hope you are very grateful to people that make all this possible for you.”
He invited students to thank teachers, Principal Sister Ann Brummel, OP, the pastors who help at both campuses, people in the office and custodians.
“When you go home tonight,” he added, “I want you to thank your parents for the sacrifice they are making so you can be here.”
He also encouraged them to “Thank God for your faith, for the chance to be at this school.”
During Mass, there were prayers for the victims of the recent natural disasters, as well as for the teachers and all those guiding the school. 
Msgr. Arquimedes Vallejo, pastor at Sacred Heart Parish, and Father Jerome Leake, pastor at St. Joseph, both in Aurora, concelebrated the Mass, assisted by Deacon Bruce Watermann and Deacon Ray Weaver.
After Mass, Sister Ann said, “Our students sang out with all their hearts; we prayed and had a beautiful Mass. The Knights of Columbus joined us and we invited our parents, visitors and everyone. I think it was an awesome celebration.”
After Mass, Bishop Malloy toured the school. Accompanying him were Father Timothy Mulcahey, pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel and executive pastor of both campuses, Father Leake and Sister Ann. 
Math, music and English were some of the classes the students were in when the bishop was there. 
Kindergarten students wanted to know about the bishop’s hat. He told them the fuchsia-colored hat is called a zucchetto, and he let the children hold it.
In second grade, Bishop  Malloy talked to the students about the important events they are preparing for — first Communion and reconciliation. 
With eighth graders, he talked about the high schools they were planning to go next year.  
During the tour to each classroom, students received the bishop with respect and joy.
The bishop’s Mass for the South Campus will be on Nov. 7 at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Aurora.