Marmion Hits Record Enrollment
November 1, 2018
AURORA—After a five-year effort, Marmion Academy here opened the 2018-19 school year with a record enrollment of 550 students.
“It has been a steady growth over the past five years, with each year surpassing the last for the largest enrollment for Marmion ever on our Butterfield campus,” said Anthony Tinerella, head of school and principal.
The academy is operated by the Benedictine Monks of Marmion Abbey. 
Tinerella said the school has worked hard to “embrace change” and balance it with  “over 1,500 years of Benedictine tradition (and) 21st century pedagogy.”
“The monks continue to be a very active presence in our school,” he said, “and the Benedictine charism is present in everything that we do.”
The academy aims to provide a solid college preparatory program while “developing the faith-life and leadership skills of our young men as we prepare them to be Christian leaders in our society.” he said.
As part of their efforts to increase enrollment, the academy has added or expanded:
n a center for  academic support, help and guidance;
n Advanced Placement and dual credit courses through area colleges;
n STEM and engineering courses that offer the opportunity for students to work with large companies on research projects and designs; 
n additional sports — hockey and volleyball, and 
n a variety of activities and clubs.
“Father Michael Burrows, student chaplain and a 1970 Marmion graduate has told students,  ‘The reason why the monks run the academy, is so ... (the students) can encounter Christ ... and if you don’t meet Jesus here during your four years at Marmion, we failed you.’ This sums up so incredibly well Marmion Academy,” Tinerella said. 
He points to videos made by Christian Surtz, Marmion Class of 2016 and a junior at Northwestern University. 
“He has produced a video each of the past three years since he graduated for the incoming students,” Tinerella said, encouraging anyone interested in Marmion to watch the latest one. 
“These videos are not directed by the academy in any way,” he said. “It is Christian telling his story of Marmion through his eyes and the eyes of our students.”
See the video at