Batavia Parish New Home to Saint’s Relic
By Pat Szpekowski, Observer Correspondent
November 8, 2018
BATAVIA—A relic of the Lebanese hermit St. Charbel — also known as St. Sharbel — arrived at Holy Cross Parish, here, on Oct. 21 to be permanently displayed in the church.
The relic’s arrival was combined with the testimony of Raymond Nader, a Christian Maronite from Lebanon, whose  encounter with St. Charbel has left him with a lasting hand-imprint on his arm.
Nader said that St. Charbel is revered in every house in Lebanon. 
Born in 1828, he died in 1898 on Christmas Eve in Annaya, Lebanon, at the Monastery of St. Maron. 
“There was a mysterious bright light surrounding his tomb and when they opened it, his body was intact, like he was sleeping,” Nader explained. 
“Even upon continual changing of his cloths, they were soaked in blood and water. The monks even emptied him and built a wall around him, but the liquid came from within the stones. 
“In 1965 when St. Charbel was beatified, the liquid stopped,” he said.
Nader joined in with others for the day’s schedule of prayers, the rosary, veneration of the relics, and evening vespers of prayers and songs according to the Maronite Rite.
The church was filled with more than 150 people, many of whom had previously seen the relics at the parish in 2017. 
Those in attendance could  take a vial of blessed St. Charbel oil after the vespers before Nader spoke. 
Donations were accepted to continue the work of the Christian television station in Lebanon.