Elgin Parish’s New Boiler Marked ‘Paid’
November 15, 2018
ELGIN—With a failing boiler and an inefficient heating system, St. Joseph Parish, 272 Division St. here, needed to solve their heating woes.
“The only boiler was no longer functioning after 70 years of service, and we were convinced that patching was no longer the solution to the multiple leaking,” said Father Jesus Dominguez, pastor.
The parish finance and pastoral councils along with staff decided it was time to tackle the project.
A new unit was installed in late August. 
“We will notice a significant savings on our energy bills when comparing this year’s monthly bills to last year. We imagine we will save hundreds of dollars in the long term,” said Father Dominguez. 
In addition to improving the heating in the church and school, the replacement is part of the parish’s restoration in the Historical Preservation Neighborhood of Elgin. 
“We were seeking contributions to help with the cost of this replacement for a few months,” Father Dominguez said. “Now, I am glad to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported and contributed to this appeal, St. Joe’s parishioners.”
Money through donations and the annual raffle paid for the completed project.