Illinois Legislators Propose New Abortion Laws
February 21, 2019
DIOCESE—On Feb. 13, two new abortion bills were introduced in the Illinois General Assembly. 
They are House Bill (HB) 2467: Parent Notice Abortion- Repeal, and HB 2495: The Reproductive Health Act.
“There is also a push on in Illinois to ‘modernize’ Illinois’ abortion laws,” said Jean Nosek, president of the Rockford Diocesan Council of Catholic Women, the day the bills were announced.
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“We are still assessing the bills in full, but it is clear that the changes to current law will be sweeping and extreme,” said Ralph Rivera, legislative chairman of Illinois Right to Life Action.
“I have never seen such anti-life boldness as I’ve seen today. Abortion groups and pro-abortion legislators have no shame in looking to devise more ways to kill unborn babies,” he added.
The bills are “consistent with pro-abortion bills that we have seen across the country, and are part of a national attempt to solidify abortion access in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned. To be frank, these legislators are over-playing their hand,” said Mary Kate Knorr, spokesperson for Illinois Right to
 Life Action. 
Illinois Right to Life Action encourages Catholics to participate in the “Vote NO on HB2467 and HB2495 Rally” at the State Capitol in Springfield on March 20. 
Diocesan trip planned
Planning was already underway for the annual Rockford Diocese pro-life trip to Springfield before the rally was planned.
“The Catholic Conference of Illinois has invited each diocese in Illinois to come to Springfield and spend a day lobbying against these abortion expansion bills,” said Jennifer Collins, director of the diocean Life and Family Evanglization office. 
“The Diocese of Rockford will be teaming up with several other dioceses to head to Springfield for a Life Advocacy Day on March 20,” she added.
“We would love for as many people as possible to join us. We have information available on the Life and Family Evangelization website,” Collins said.
Illinois Right to Life Action also seeks volunteers from all parts of Illinois to join in the fight, both by participating in the Springfield rally and to consider donating to Illinois Right to Life Action.