Cathedral Parish to Host ‘What God Tells Me’ March 16
March 7, 2019
ROCKFORD—The Chicago Gargoyle Brass and Organ Ensemble will offer inspirational music for Lent at a March 16 concert titled “What God Tells Me.” 
The free public concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Cathedral of St. Peter Parish, 1243 N. Church St. 
The professional ensemble features a brass quintet and pipe organ. 
“The magical combination of brilliant brass sonorities in a wide dynamic range and the majestic sound of the pipe organ, whose notes you can feel vibrating in the sanctuary, makes for a multidimensional experience,” says Rodney Holmes, founder and artistic director of the ensemble. 
“Listeners who are already familiar with the original works on the program will hear them in a startlingly new way,” he adds.
Concertgoers will hear  a variety of works, including: 
– Brahms’ “Variations on a Theme by Haydn,” also known as “St. Anthony Variations,” in an arrangement by Craig Garner, 
– Brahms’ organ prelude “Mein Jesu der du mich” (My Jesus calls to me), 
– Tchaikovsky’s Russian Romantic take on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s motet “Ave verum corpus” (Hail, true body), 
– Schoenberg’s "Verklärte Nacht" (Transfigured Night) is a tale of romantic love, regret, and conciliation, 
– Mahler’s finale to his Symphony No. 3, including the final movement, which Mahler once subtitled “What Love Tells Me,” 
– Pavel Tchesnokov’s “Salvation is Created,” 
– Steven Rice’s solo organ piece “Durch Adam’s fall ist ganz Verderbt” (Through Adam’s Fall All is Lost), about the biblical story of Adam and Eve.  The Chicago composer dedicated the work to his wife, Gargoyle organist Heike Burghart Rice.
Info: Valerie Holland, 815/965-2765, ;