Diocesan Appeal To Be April 27-28
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
April 25, 2019
DIOCESE—The annual appeal to support the diocesan Church will be announced the weekend of April 27-28 at parishes across the Diocese of Rockford.
“Send your Spirit into our hearts so that our faithful Stewardship might bear witness to the name of Jesus,” says the Appeal Prayer for the “Come Follow Me” campaign this year.
Numerous diocesan-wide ministries supported by this appeal serve those in need and help the 105 parishes of the diocese promote the Good News of Jesus.
Those diocesan-level ministries include several that provide direct service: Catholic Charities, St. Elizabeth Catholic Community Center, the deaf apostolate ministry, youth ministry, college campus ministry, marriage support and marriage preparation, retired priests, tribunal services and support and oversight of Catholic schools.
Other beneficiaries of the appeal include individuals — seminarians, deacons, and those in lay ministry formation — who grow in faith and knowledge and share that spiritual wealth in their parishes. Parish religious educators also are trained and supported through the diocese.
The bishop’s service to the diocese — providing the sacrament of confirmation, giving numerous talks, jail ministry and other occasions where he ministers with his presence — is supported by this appeal. 
Small, but impactful, offices supported by this collection include the Vicar for Priests and Religious, Hispanic ministry, vocations office, Life and Evangelization Office, diocesan ethicist, and the Office of Divine Worship.
“The Church itself exists to help its members encounter Christ,” says Bishop David Malloy in his letter about the appeal to Catholics of the diocese. The diocese, he continues, “provides ministries and programs that help us all connect with and follow Christ.”
Through this annual appeal, Catholics are asked to support the work of the diocesan Church as they follow in the footsteps of Jesus.