Kathy Whitcomb Honored at Retirement Party
June 27, 2019
Kathy Whitcomb, who has served the Church in the Rockford Diocese for nearly 35 years, was feted at a luncheon at the Diocesan Administration Center June 21.
She was greeted by many of the priests she has served over the last 21 years in the Office of Clergy and Religious, as well as by family and co-workers.
Attendees at the event included, four of her five bosses at the Office of Clergy and Religious, Father Brian Grady, Msgr. Daniel Deutsch, Msgr. Eric Barr and Msgr. Stephen Knox, . She also held a star in honor of her first boss, the late Msgr. Michael Binsfield. “He hired me,” she reminded those gathered.
Family members in attendance were Dallas and Amara Riveria (a granddaughter); granddauther Elise Cruden, daughter Dianna Cruden, and granddaughters Ivy Cruden and Felicia Cruden.