The Chair
Cathedral of St. Peter and Bishop Malloy To be Part of New Catholic TV Series
By Penny Wiegert, Editor
July 11, 2019
‘Hello, my name is Bishop David Malloy and this is a sneak peak of “The Chair.” ’
That sentence began an hour-long interview and voice recordings for an episode of “The Chair” filmed July 1 at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rockford.
“ ‘The Chair’ series celebrates the best of Catholicism today, springing from the physical beauty of our cathedrals to the holy beauty of the bishop and his faith. By focusing on the bishop, we gain the insights of Christ’s Apostle in our midst, learning about his vocation, his diocese and how he is shaping the future in this time of change,” according to Jack St. Martin, executive producer of “The Chair,” in his promotional materials.
“The Diocese of Rockford is the 17th diocese we have featured,” St. Martin said. 
Each episode of “The Chair” begins with a shot of a bishop’s chair and its cathedral building. It explores the history, people, architecture and art unique to each church and its area.  
“Throughout each episode the bishop is our guide, sharing his story and insight in what it means to be a bishop in his particular area. Everyone is unique and everyone is special in different ways”  St. Martin said while supervising the crew set up.
Bishop Malloy was invited to participate in the project by DeSales Media, a non-profit Catholic technology and communications ministry working in the Diocese of Brooklyn, NY.
Msgr. Kieran E. Harrington, V.E., conducted the interview with Bishop Malloy at the Cathedral of St. Peter next to the altar so as to capture  the cathedra, or bishop’s chair, in the background. 
Bishop Malloy answered questions that covered a range of topics in addition to his background, vocation and what it was like getting the phone call appointing him the ninth bishop of Rockford.
In addition to filming the interview, the crew of five shot still photographs, video and drone footage of the cathedral and its campus both inside and outdoors. 
The drone flew around the cathedral to capture the arched ceilings and the stained glass windows that both Bishop Malloy and Father Stephen St. Jules, the cathedral rector, told the producer are the cathedral’s most captivating features. 
The Rose window in the choir loft was specifically featured as a prominent graphic element at Bishop Malloy’s ordination and installation ceremony.
“It is a privilege to have our beautiful Cathedral of St. Peter featured in this new TV series,” Bishop Malloy said. 
“It is refreshing to be part of an effort which richly and positively highlights the work of the Church throughout the country and seeks to provide people a glimpse into the beautiful structures in which that work is carried out,” he said.
“The Chair” will be broadcast on New Evangelization Television, NET, one of the premier Catholic TV networks in the U.S. providing news and information for the Catholic community in New York State, southern Connecticut and New Jersey. The series also will be available online and is scheduled to premier this fall. 
Watch for more details and how you can view “The Chair” in The Observer and on the Diocese of Rockford and The Observer Catholic Newspaper Facebook pages.