Two Seminarians Take Important Step
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
August 22, 2019
ROCKFORD—Seminarians Joshua Moore and Connor Orabutt, both of whom soon will begin their first year of theological studies at St. Mary-of-the-Lake Seminary in Mundelein, took an important step in their vocations discernment on Aug. 15.
That first step of candidacy, Bishop David Malloy said, is a matter of “declaring oneself to be willing to go forward, (with) everything else kind of flowing from there.”
Such declarations are a quiet step, he said, “but they are very, very significant for Connor and Josh and everyone else who undertakes them.
“At each step, it’s a reminder that you are drawing closer to that point where you receive and take on, as a lifelong responsibility, the calling that you and the Church have discerned to have (come) from Christ himself.”
Referring to what was in the ceremony’s reading from St. Paul, Bishop Malloy said, “Do not expect this to be an easy life with rose petals. There will be lots of moments of joy; there will be lots of moments of affirmation ... (but) you’re being called to something which, particularly today, is challenging. It’s counter cultural.”
He noted that many people will be asking “Why?” when told about their path.
“We know why we do that,” the bishop said. “It is because we are called to do it. Because Christ has, for some reason outside of the merits of any of us, reached out and said, ‘You, come, and follow me.’ And it’s as real today as it was 2,000 years ago ...
“If He has called you, He will make you happy; He will make you joyful; He will make you strong. He will walk you through the kinds of challenges that (St.) Paul talked about. 
“And it is all worth it. Not only is it worth it to you, it’s worth it, and it’s necessary, to all of the rest of us. It’s worth it to the Church.”