Third Combined Collection for This Year Coming Soon
Mission Appeal Weekend, Oct. 19-20
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
October 10, 2019
DIOCESE—The third combined collection of 2019, the annual Mission Appeal, will take place in parishes across the Diocese of Rockford the weekend of Oct. 19-20.
The collection brings together what otherwise would be seven separate collections. They include:
World Mission Sunday: This unique, global effort supports Catholic Church work in over 1,111 dioceses in Asia and Africa, the Pacific Islands and parts of Latin America and Europe. It allows the Church to provide practical help to the poor and witness to God’s love and mercy, His hope and peace. Last year, this diocese distributed $56,696 to this appeal.
Society for the Propagation of the Faith (SPF): Membership in SPF is an option available when people designate this appeal on the Missions Appeal envelope. Their names and address are sent to the National SPF Office. Members pray daily for the Church’s missionary work, offer personal crosses for the redemption of unknown men and women, and donate financially whenever possible throughout the year. Last year $5,420 was contributed through this appeal from people of this diocese.
The Church in Africa: The people of Africa are joyous and faith-filled, but many face the challenges of poverty, disease, food shortages, and migration; and the Church lacks the resources to meet the many pastoral needs of its people in these difficult situations. The Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa helps meet those needs. It also supports Africa’s many youths and young adults, helping them to find a home in the Church. Last year the Rockford Diocese gave $28,732 to this appeal.
The Church in Latin America: This collection provides lay leadership training, catechesis, marriage and family life programs, seminarian and religious formation and more to help overcome the obstacles to practicing the faith in Latin America and the Caribbean Church. Last year, the people of the Diocese of Rockford contributed $21,319, which was sent to the U.S. Bishops Office for Latin America.
Catholic Home Missions: Over 40% of dioceses in the U.S. and its territories are considered mission dioceses. They are unable to support basic pastoral services, including Mass and other sacraments, religious education and ministry training. This diocese contributed $31,626 last year to the Catholic Home Missions Appeal.
Black and Indian Missions: The Black and Indian Missions collection gives grants to dioceses across the country to operate schools, parishes and other missionary services benefiting Native American, Alaska Native and Black Catholic communities. Last year’s contribution from this diocese was $31,826.
“The Mission Appeal will support those whom Pope Francis calls ‘men and women who, by virtue of their baptism, respond generously to the call to leave behind home, family, country, language and local Church, and to be sent forth to the nations, to a world not yet transformed by the sacraments of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church,’” says Bishop David Malloy in his letter on behalf of this appeal.
This appeal also supports Catholic elementary schools in the diocese that need financial assistance, and contributes to the diocesan priests’ pension in support of our retired priests, many of whom still actively serve faithfully in the Rockford Diocese.