NIU Student Ministers Promote Life at Fair
October 24, 2019
SANDWICH—The Student Ministry Team from Christ the Teacher University Parish in DeKalb, led by parish minister Denise Sanders, brought the truth of God’s love for each human life to the 2019 Illinois Right to Life booth at the Sandwich Fair.
Adrian Ruiz, a junior in philosophy; Rebekah Reynolds, a sophomore in elementary education; Katie Sosnowski, a sophomore in psychology; and Michelle Norberciak, a sophomore in medical laboratory science, each spends on average 10 hours a week with the student ministry team at Northern Illinois University and Kishwaukee Community College in Malta. 
They evangelize on the campuses, forming small group, Catholic-based Bible studies, serving meals for the local homeless shelter Hope Haven, and this year at the pro life booth explaining joyfully that life is sacred before, during and at its end.
At the pro life booth, children get to hold and even “talk to” the life-size fetal models. 
Mothers and fathers come with their children and explain how they grew in their mother’s womb, and how much they were loved by God even before their parents held them in their arms.
Even though the world would discard unborn life at will, these young missionaries help spread the truth of God’s love for all, just as He created each of us, and at every moment of life. 
—  Elsie Campbell Morrissey