Now is Time to Put Jesus First
Worth the Wait
By Father Keith Romke
November 21, 2019
So, here we are again at the start of a new Advent, this season in which we place special focus on preparing our hearts for the coming of Jesus. We look back at Jesus’ coming at Christmas, we prepare to receive Him each time we come to Mass, and we prepare our hearts for the day in which He will come again in glory. 
The interesting thing that I’ve noticed lately is that we put a lot of time into preparing for all kinds of things: 
 Putting kids into travel sports leagues so that they’ll be prepared when it comes to getting a college scholarship years down the road, 
 Saving up money and sticking to a budget now for the sake of retirement that’s still 20 years away, or even just
 Booking hotel reservations and flights for a summer trip that’s still half a year away. 
The bottom line is that we make all kinds of plans that often involve sacrifice because we deem something to be important and valuable. 
At the end of the day though, Jesus’ presence in our midst is truly the greatest treasure that we could ever possess, and it is ours so long as we want it! The question that we have to ask is this: “Do I consciously make preparations for receiving Jesus into the home of my heart?” 
Christmas is a whole lot closer than a grade-schooler’s entrance to college, or retirement, or even this upcoming summer and I think most of us tend to realize that we need to be preparing most for whatever is coming soonest. 
So, what are you focused on most? For the next four weeks let’s make sure our hearts are focused where they need to be. 
Let’s put Jesus first just like He put us first by coming as a baby so that He could ultimately give His entire life for us on the cross.