Catholic Charities Hosts Training about Abuse at Cathedral
December 5, 2019
Patrick Winn, director of Catholic Charities in the Rockford Diocese, and Cathy Weightman-Moore, director of Catholic Charities’ Long Term Care Ombudsman program, visited with trainers Shelly Carlson, Criminal Justice Systems manager for the Minnesota Elder Justice Center, and Ann Laatsch, JD, Justice System coordinator for the National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life.
Anna Grzelak, project coordinator, Winnebago County Abuse in Later Life Grant was also present at the event.
That grant is providing a three-year training program to help professionals in Winnebago County work together to combat elder abuse.
The initial training was held at the Cathedral of St. Peter on Nov. 13 and brought police officers, social workers, area agencies and others together to review a case study and share their expertise and services with each other.
Participant Nicole Bockhorn, with Winnebago County Adult Probation, commented during the session.