Scouting Awards Presented at Cathedral Feb. 2
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
February 6, 2020
ROCKFORD—Boys, girls and adults earned religious awards this year, presented at the Cathedral of St. Peter on Scout Sunday afternoon, Feb. 2.
Bishop David Malloy spoke of the “dedication, work, stick-to-it-iveness” needed to earn the awards, going beyond the “just okay” of some current television commercials.
“The whole reason for scouting groups is that “just okay” is not enough, he said. The goal of where young people can “really be what you can be; really be, more importantly, what God has made you to be. ... That’s why we have the kinds of awards we have this afternoon. That’s why we are celebrating here in the context of Mass.”
Belonging to a youth group like Scouts, he added, “forms your character. It forms your knowledge. It gives you different skills and even, you might say, a different inquisitiveness to look to see how you can help, how you can be better, how you can improve yourself in the world ... You’re only complete when you have (fed) not just the needs of the body and the world, but the needs of faith.”