Praying For You
By Penny Wiegert, Editor
March 12, 2020
DIOCESE—Sometimes we hope God answers our prayers and sometimes we know God answers them.
One of those times happened right before Lent at the Diocesan Administration Center.
A regular fixture in the chapel at the DAC is a basket filled with prayer requests.
Most of the requests come from the Diocesan Annual Appeal. Others are contributed by employees from emails or special requests or from The Observer readers. 
Recently Patrick Winn, director of Catholic Charities brought some requests back from the clients at St. Elizabeth Community Center in southwest Rockford.
During the prayers of the faithful at a daily Mass for employees, Father Kyle Manno offered prayers for those at St. Elizabeth’s and specifically for someone who petitioned for a job and an apartment.
Later that day, Winn learned that the client had been offered a job and a place to live.  
The power of prayer like this is precisely why Bishop David Malloy is inviting Catholics to a special Mass of Thanksgiving on March 26 at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rockford.
“The special Mass is a way to bring all the intentions from the annual appeal forward to everyone in prayer and to give thanks for all the donations to the annual appeal which make all the ministries of the diocese and of the bishop possible,” said Denise Dobrowolski, director of Charitable Giving. 
“Prayer is so central to what we do and we want diocesan Catholics to know that this diocese cares for them, appreciates them and prays for them,” she said.  
Bishop David Malloy, after learning that the prayer from St. Elizabeth’s had been answered, sent an email to employees reminding them of the importance of prayer in their ministries.
“Sometimes faith can get tired in the midst of all the challenges and daily work.  It is good to be reminded that our message is ultimately that God truly loves us.  It is good to be reminded that we do believe in prayer and that God has told us He will answer our prayers.  It is good to be reminded that our daily Mass is the greatest moment of prayer where heaven truly touches earth in our midst,” Bishop Malloy wrote. 
The Mass of Thanksgiving is open to all Catholics in the diocese and will begin at 6 p.m. on March 26. A light sandwich supper will be served after Mass.
For those unable to attend, the Mass will be streamed live on the Diocese of Rockford Facebook page. 
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