Bishop Malloy to Release Videos on COVID, Thanksgiving and Christmas
By Penny Wiegert, Editor
November 5, 2020
ROCKORD—Bishop David Malloy has filmed a series of videos to reach out to diocesan Catholics. 
The first video is an update and thank you to diocesan Catholics along with many others for the sacrifices they have made both physically and spiritually during this time of pandemic in our country. 
The other two videos are greetings for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
All three videos were produced in English and Spanish by the Office of Charitable Giving and the Office of Communication and Publications.
“We want to remind all Catholics that their cooperation, sacrifice and continued faithfulness is always appreciated in good times and times of adversity and that the bishop is always praying for his diocese,” said Denise Dobrowolski, director of Charitable Giving.
The first video will go live on the Diocese of Rockford website and Facebook page on Nov. 7, 2020. 
The Thanksgiving video can be viewed on those platforms on Nov. 21 and the Christmas video can be viewed beginning on Dec. 23. 
Pastors, parishes and schools will receive the links to all the videos from the Office of Communication to share on their respective websites, social media and email platforms.
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