Enjoy the Day, Celebrate the Life
Father Keith Romke, St. Patrick, Dixon, pastor
December 24, 2020
C hristmas has arrived, and hopefully you’re experiencing the joy of this season! 
From a worldly standpoint I’ll say that we’ve made it through the crazy and busy lead-up to this celebration. (It’s great but let’s be honest, it’s a lot of work!) 
We spent time preparing our hearts throughout Advent and now we celebrate the Octave of Christmas — eight days dedicated to celebrating the presence of Jesus among us as one of us! This is a time of great joy! 
At the same time though we might ask, “What’s next?” The answer is now that the baby has arrived, it’s time to cultivate, nourish, and help the life that has come into our hearts to grow. 
Think about it this way. Mary and Joseph celebrated Jesus’ birth on Christmas day, and do you know what they did the day after? They took care of baby Jesus, and they kept taking care of Him the next day too! 
Their mission wasn’t simply to celebrate Jesus’ birth, it was to cherish Him every day and to protect Him so that His presence could change the world! 
Do you ever think about how you protect the life of Jesus within your own heart? Do you take care of His precious life found within your soul the same way as you would hold a newborn baby? Do you adore His presence within and see it as the sweetest thing like you would when beholding a newborn? 
I ask this because the sweetness of that human experience of looking into the eyes of a tiny, tiny baby is something that is truly alive within us, and it is something that we are entrusted with to treasure, cherish, protect, and help grow! 
Christmas warms our hearts because we know how important this baby is, and I’m going to tell you right now that you carry that baby in your heart each and every day and you have a mission to protect Him and bear His presence in the world! Christmas lasts eight days, but the life we celebrate lasts in our hearts forever!
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