2021 Silver and Gold Wedding Anniversaries
August 26, 2021
St. Patrick: John and Elaine Forrest, 55
St. Margaret Mary: Robert and Carole Armstrong, 25; John W. and Trudy A. Barrett, 51; Gerald J. and Carol L. Krajewski, 55; Rocco and Maryann Ranallo, 55; Scott and Michele Shepard, 25
Annunciation BVM: Wayne and Patricia Weiler, 50
Holy Angels: Daniel and Mary Jo Cagney, 50; Warren and Maxine Geihm, 65; Stanley and Lois Rocush, 55; Thomas and Joanne Vickroy, 70
Sacred Heart: Alfredo Avila and Estella Gaona, 30
St. Nicholas: José Juan and Mónica Granados, 25; Armando and Alma Ramírez, 25
St. Therese of Jesus: Manuel and Rosa Maria Aponte, 50
Holy Cross: Stephen and Sheila Bangs, 26; William and Joan Franz, 60; Kenneth and Carole Meeker, 50; Donald and Frances Nallenweg, 61; Thomas and Roberta Von Lunen, 51
St. James: Erwin and Sara Cabrera, 34; John T. and Donna M. Fitzpatrick, 50; Greg and Kathy Lee, 25
St. Monica: Donald R. and Eleanor M. Fye, 65; Enrique and Maria Rojas, 50; Harold J. and Ethel Schmit, 67
SS. Peter and Paul: Arturo and Leticia Arreola, 50; James and Mary Carozza, 50; Ramón and Diana L. Escobedo, 25; Jerome and Joann Jazak, 50; Paul J. and Ann Kuick, 50; William and Caroline Sobolak, 50
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: James C. and Linda Marie Gray, 50; Robert W. and Joann J. Hecker, 65; Raymond and Rita Kordecki, 65; David and Eileen Maule, 30; Donald and Dolores Rhoney, 50; Douglas and Marcia Weaver, 25; Adam and Pauline Wojcik, 50
St. Thomas the Apostle: Ruben and Juana Andrade, 40; Michael and Janet Cain, 50; Timothy and Valerie DeLance, 55; Michael and Mary Fisher, 25; Edward and Christine Kieras, 50; John H. and Wanda M. Loretan, 60; Anthony and Melissa Marcucci, 25
Christ the Teacher: Kurt and Dawn Westhoff, 25
St. Patrick: Richard (Dick) and Helen Snyder, 65; Parnell and Madeline Thibert, 60; David and Patricia Toepper, 50
St. Mary: Larry and Rosemary Pelter, 65; Ray and Phyllis Schafer, 65 
St. Gall: Anthony and Karen Sciackitano, 60
St. Laurence: Daniel and Rose Plazyk, 70, Alvino and Penny Ellyn Ramirez, 26
St. Thomas More: Larry and Jennifer Asmussen, 25; Fredrick and Laura Boehm, 50; Stanley and Marie Bourey, 60; Joseph S. and Mary D. Cannizzaro, 55; Gerald L. and Mary J. Conway, 55; Ralph and Camille Gromala, 60; Dennis and Beverly Kittler, 50; James and Linda Malone, 50; Chuck and Claire Mancilla, 50; Jerold and Susan McCreight, 55; Robert P. and Frances A. Meek, 50; Randall and Sharon Rakowski, 50; Florencio and Josefa Rocero, 50; James and Sharon Spates, 56; George and Louise Wolff, 60
St. Mary: Laurence and Kay Berlage, 65
St. Mary: Gene and Linda Nott, 50
St. Thomas Aquinas: James and Kathleen Berberet, 55; Edward and Theresa Challenger, 60; Peter and Kathleen Witynski, 60
Immaculate Conception: Warren and Susan Amman, 50; Eugene and Rebecca Field, 65; Philippe and Julie Mure-Ravaud, 25; Norbert and Carlene Piron, 65; Irvin and Mary Sanderson, 60; Jason and Angela Stone, 25; Harold and Clevetta Ward, 65; Bernard and Joyce Zajicek, 60
St. Mary: Neil O. and Bernadette E. Spurr, 54
St. Peter: James and Joanne Frediani, 55; John E. and Flora L. Kaindl, 66; Dean and Linda Kilburg, 50; Michael and Nancy Pehan, 60; Brian J. and Arlene K. Quinn, 50; Donald and Susan Rago, 60; Frederick and Sharon Schmidt, 55; Thomas and Karen Tatlock, 50
St. Catherine of Genoa: Paul and Janice Weber, 50
St. Mary: Roger and Marlene Blocker,  50; Ronald and Collette Lanse, 50
St. Charles Borromo: Robert and Colleen Debosko, 25; George E. and Marcella E. Drendel, 73; Clarence and Margaret Izydorski, 50; Rick and Maureen Walker, 25
St. Joseph: Charles and Marilyn Calvin, 60; Carroll and Catherine Henning, 70
St. Mary: Noel and Leoncia Alcasid, 25; Arthur and Connie Andres, 55; Joseph J. and Mary M. Andruzzi, 60; Apollo and Jeannie Apilan, 25; John and Barbara Barry, 50; Thomas and Diane Benbennick, 71; Raymond and Patricia Bencich, 45; Donald and Therese Bilodeau, 55; Vincent J. and Jane Costa, 70; David and Evy Cruz, 25; James A. and Donna P. Curda, 50; Pasquale and Irma Danna, 71; Mark J. and Arline D. Dante, 60; Millard and Mary Dunton, 60; Daniel and Deborah Figler, 51; Giorgio and Rose Gambino, 50; Ralph and Patricia Goraj, 57; John L. and Arneda P. Groesser, 60; Jose R. and Erlinda L. Guevara, 57; John and Linda Guzzarde, 50; Victor N. and Barbara L. Jason, 60; Lawrence and Elizabeth Kardys, 60; Matthew and Shelly Lentine, 25; Joseph and Janet Marmion, 25; Belmo Kim and Diana Martil, 25; Belmo and Myrna Martil, 51; Fritz and Tina Masur, 73; Ewald and Anna Mayland, 60; Terry and Cathy McCarthy, 50; Deacon Jack and Ellie McPhee, 60; Donald and Beverly Meagher, 66; Phil and Charlotte Miller, 55; Tom and Marilyn Muerder, 55; James and Barbara O’Toole, 50; Leo James and Betty T. Ouellette, 55; Francis and Jean Pease, 55; Brian and Jodi Quinn, 25; Dennis and Joanne Quinn, 55; Ismael and Frances Robledo, 67; Patrick M. and Patricia Rung, 55; James and Mary Pat Runtz, 50; Arnold and Janet Rutkowski, 55; Anthony and Diane Santinello, 50; Paul and Karen Schaefer, 26; Michael  and Charlotte Schiller, 50; Ralph and Sheila Schremp, 65; Victor and Cathy Senese, 35; John and Christy Silkaitis, 25; John R. and Barbara A. Tokarz, 64; Michael and Grace Turso, 55; John and Irene Waller, 50; Donald P. and Mary Ann Weissmann, 55; Fryderyk and Helena Wenc, 51; Russell and Joanne Wohlfeil, 60; John and JoAnne Zeller, 50; Jose and Dorothy Urena, 50
St. John the Baptist: Patrick and Elizabeth Bentancur, 25; Wayne H. and Patricia A. Hiller, 50; J. Raymond and Felicia Kuna, 65
St. Bridget: Scott and Angela Carlson, 30; Jim and Loretta Decman, 55; Clair J. and Sandy J. Furlong, 55; Raymond and Pamela Hughes, 50; Dr. William and Martha Hutt, 50
St. Mary of the Assumption: David and Karen Stewart, 50
St. Patrick: Ronald and Patricia Wagner, 50
Holy Apostles: Gerald A. and Maureen E. Lagowski, 55; Thomas and Carole Quamme, 50; Richard E. and Kathleen L. Sample, 50
St. Mary: Phillip and Irene Bramm, 50; Gary and Mary Kay Campbell, 50; Steve and Carol Hollister, 50; Ron and Barb Paschal, 50
ST. John Brebeuf: David J. and Kathryn Disparte, 60
St. Mary: Tom and Sandi Clarey, 55
St. Mary: Patrick and Sharyn Kuhn, 55
St. Andrew: Philip and Barb Bruketta, 50
Cathedral of St. Peter: William and Loretto Peterson, 70
Holy Family: Michael and Donna Cristoforo, 60; Alex and Stephanie DiBenedetto, 25; Jim and Esther Mortensen, 50; Jeffrey and Kathleen Summers, 25
St. Anthony: Peter and Margery Gioppo, 70
St.. Bernadette: George and Clara Meissen, 50
St. Rita: Darrell and Karen Carlson, 60; Fritz and Alice Gehringer, 65; Ron and Eleanor Heidenreich, 60; David F. and Lucille E. Welu, 65
St. Wendelin: Scott and Julie Janssen, 25
St. John the Baptist: Ronald G. and Joan M. Anderson, 65
St. Peter: Glenn Kenneth and Lynn Ann Geske, 45
St. John Neumann: Leo and Emmy Faelnar, 51; Robert and Sharon Traub, 25
St. Patrick: Christopher and Elizabeth Arbir, 25; Rodney and Dina Bachta, 25; Robert and Linda Brennan, 50; Lawrence and Mary Kay Budnick, 50; Kevin and Sheila Fitch, 50; Paul and Katherine Jacobs, 55; Anthony B. and Tracey L. Jakaitis, 25; Paul and Mary Mayer, 55; Philip and Merilyn Meere, 50; Keith and Barbara Parker, 50; Anthony C. and Claudia Pesch, 60; Mike and Linda Pieper, 50; Joseph M. and Dolores Serra, 65; Dale E. and Barbara J. Tillman, 50; Richard and Patricia Wendelken, 50
Sacred Heart: Gary and Ruth Durling, 50; David and KayWilley, 60
St. Mary: Juan and Yolanda De La Fuente, 60; Jan C. and Beverly Francque, 60; Edward M. and Janice P. Mulvaney, 50
St. Katharine Drexel: Jim and Dorothy Barkley, 70; Thomas C. and Judith A. Dymond, 50; Larry and Patricia Frieders, 50; Timothy and Jackie Walsh, 50
St. Mary: John J. and Regena A. Breitenbach, 50 Kenneth V. and Linda M. Madrzak, 55
St. Catherine of Siena: Prescott and Sylvia Bates, 51; Eugene R. and Annette D’Amico, 56; Thomas and Michele Dougherty, 50; Kenneth G. and Linda M. Michonski, 55; Miguel and Anva Nuguid, 25; James and Suzanne Rosbach, 25; Walter and Christine Sajdak, 50; John and Nancy Schliesmann, 55; Michael and Kathleen Tennis, 50
Resurrection: Lawrence M. and Barbara J. Glowacki, 50; Thomas and Elizabeth Posey, 50
ST. MARY: Rolley and Marianne Bateman, 50; Nau and Amalia Gomez, 30; Melvin and Mary Kay Humpa, 60; Daniel and Sharon Kusek, 50
PARISH NOT LISTED: James and Darlene Borkowski, 50
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