COVID-19 Rears Its Ugly Head … Again
By Penny Wiegert, Editor
December 23, 2021
DIOCESE—There are three vaccines for COVID-19, booster shots are widely available and a new pill has been added to the arsenal to fight the virus which cast the world into a pandemic.
But the virus is far from gone. And now, in the midst of the holiday season, new variants are fueling more cases.
Aurora school hit worst
Schools have done a great job of navigating any rise in the number of cases, according to Vito DeFrisco, superintendent of diocesan Catholic Schools. 
“Most schools have had only minor interruptions. However, Annunciation in Aurora decided to begin their holiday break early because of the high number of students testing positive with the virus or in quarantine. We don’t want to jeopardize any students, their families or our staffs,” DeFrisco said.
At press time, 69 of the 207 students at Annunciation BVM School were out because of testing positive, having direct contact or being in quarantine. 
DeFrisco said all diocesan Catholic schools are scheduled to resume the first week in January but parents should be prepared for decisions on resuming remote learning should positive cases of COVID-19 escalate after the holidays
“We can never be complacent where this virus is concerned,” DeFrisco said, adding, “Our schools are prepared to maintain the quality of education despite ... the pandemic.”
Parishes also hit
Some diocesan priests and parish employees have also contracted the virus, with a few being hospitalized and one succumbing to the illness. Diocesan administration employees have also been affected.
“The pandemic is far from over and we continue to work with local health departments and monitor the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control on best practices as the fluctuation in coronavirus numbers continues,” said Msgr. Glenn Nelson, Vicar General and moderator of the Curia.
“The early Church Fathers gave our Lord the title of ‘the Divine Physician,’ and so it is to Him that we continue to offer our prayers for an end to this pandemic. 
“We cannot let the challenges of life divide the unity we have in Christ. For this reason then, we are reminded to not only take all safety precautions to protect our own health and that of our family, but also to be respectful of one another as we journey through these challenging times together as brothers and sisters in Christ,” Msgr. Nelson said.
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