Rockford Diocese Again Invites People to Confession April 6 During ‘Be Reconciled’ Day
By Penny Wiegert, Editor
February 24, 2022
DIOCESE OF ROCKFORD—For the past eight years with only one cancelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, Catholics have been invited to return to the sacraments and prepare themselves for Easter through participation in “Be Reconciled” Day.
This year the “Be Reconciled” initiative is set for April 6, the week before Holy Week. Churches throughout the Rockford Diocese will be open most all day to welcome people to the sacrament of reconcilation.
Bishop David Malloy, recognizing the need for God’s grace and forgiveness in the lives of Catholics, has again asked the 105 parishes in the 11-county diocese to add April 6 to their regular Lenten confession calendar and, where possible, to offer confessions that day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The goal of “Be Reconciled” is to make the sacrament of reconciliation more accessible, especially for people who have been away or hesitant about confession.
Since 2014 when the initiative began, priests around the diocese have reported a record number of people coming to the confessional. 
“We found ‘Be Reconciled’ Day to be a wonderful opportunity for all of us priests to share in God’s love by offering mercy, forgiveness and helping those we serve open the doors to grace and their personal friendship with Christ,” Bishop Malloy said. 
He continued, “So it is only natural to again offer an entire day of confessions and again, invite everyone to ‘Be Reconciled.’”
“The Lenten season is always an important time for us to take stock of our spiritual lives. By the Church’s traditional prayer, fasting and charity, we draw closer to Christ and to the Church. Our souls are laid open to be strengthened by Christ’s love, grace and forgiveness, so it is a real privilege to focus on the opportunity to offer that forgiveness,” Bishop Malloy said.
There are many people who have felt the longing for reconciliation but, because of fear or other reasons, have put off going to confession. 
In an effort to reach out to those folks, the Rockford Diocese will begin a media campaign on radio, television, newspapers, digital platforms and parish bulletins to invite people to participate in “Be Reconciled” Day. Bishop Malloy has recorded messages of invitation as part of the outreach campaign.
There is also a dedicated page on the Diocese of Rockford website at
The site includes a downloadable guide to help people make a good confession as well as confession times for all participating parishes in the Rockford Diocese. The website also contains information, common prayers and resources about the sacrament. 
Addresses and phone numbers for all parishes in the diocese are listed at
For the most current information about “Be Reconciled” follow the Diocese of Rockford in the pages of The Observer, El Observador, Facebook and Twitter. 
“If you can’t remember when you made your last confession, the opportunity for reconciliation or to just talk about your questions or concerns with a priest is there. Let’s make this Lent a time of deep and joyful reconciliation,” Bishop Malloy said. 
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