New 24-Hour Adoration Chapel Opens at St. Patrick
By Margarita Mendoza, Editor El Observador
April 21, 2022
ST. CHARLES—St. Patrick Parish on Crane Rd. has a new all-day and all-night adoration chapel, thanks to an initiative of Msgr. Daniel  Deutsch, pastor here. 
“It seems that wherever parishes lead with adoration great thing happen,” he said. His idea was to open the new adoration place on Easter Monday. “What we thought would be the biggest challenge turned out to be a surprising blessing and affirmation. We have filled our slots and the majority were filled within a week of us doing our signup Sunday,” he said.
On April 18, at the end of the 8 a.m. Mass, Father Jack Reichardt, parochial vicar, carried the Sacred Host to the chapel located on the west side of the church. He was helped by parishioner Kevin True and followed by about 40 people. Father Reichardt reverently placed the host in the monstrance, its new permanent place, then incensed it while parishioners sang the hymn O Salutaris Hostia. 
Getting to this day has “been a long process and desire of our parish, led by Msgr. Deutsch, and we are so happy to finally kick off the Easter season well, adoring our Lord,” Father Reichardt said.
True, an active parishioner, said  “helping Father Reichardt, take [Christ] into the chapel for the first time was heartwarming.” 
“I’ve been helping set up the chapel with Steve Jolly.  He is going to be a new deacon, and he is going to be in charge of overseeing the whole chapel,” True said. Msgr. Deutsch has an entire team of people helping and “we are just looking forward to everybody being able to come and be with Jesus during the day,” True added.
Most attending the opening of the chapel were adults, although there were a few children. Francis Haviland, 13, was one of them who said he was “excited about the new chapel, we can go anytime we want, we can choose whatever time we want to go for adoration and being with Jesus.” 
Parishioner Rich Sasak  said he is thrilled to have a  new sacred place to pray. This “is going to be the first time my wife and I are going to be adorers for one hour every week,” he said.
While St. Patrick on Crane Rd. will have 24-hour adoration, St. Patrick Parish downtown will continue to have adoration on Wednesdays for 24 hours after the 7 a.m. Mass. 
“The people are so excited to begin this new chapter of life at St. Patrick. Our leaders have led adoration for years once a week. Now we have the blessing of being able to do it 24/6. I’m so grateful for their enthusiasm, witness, and faith,” Msgr. Deutsch concluded.
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