Ordinations Welcome One to Priesthood, Another to Diaconate
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
June 9, 2022
ROCKFORD—The Rite of Ordination of One Deacon and Ordination of One Priest on June 4 moved quite seamlessly between the two men — Connor Orabutt and Nathan Pacer — at the Cathedral of St. Peter here.
Both men were called forth following the Gospel reading and testimony of their worthiness was stated for each before Bishop David Malloy and the assembly.
Following the homily, Orabutt made his promises including to “the commitment of celibacy,” along with a resolution to “hold fast to the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience.” Pacer followed with his promises including to “discharge faithfully ... the office of the priesthood in the presbyteral rank.” Both also promised “respect and obedience” to their bishop and his successors. The Litany of Supplication called on the saints to pray for them. 
Bishop Malloy laid hands upon and prayed the prayer of ordination to the diaconate for Deacon Orabutt who then was vested in the diaconal stole and dalmatic. He received the Book of the Gospels from the bishop.
Ordination to the priesthood included different steps. Bishop Malloy prayed the Prayer of Supplication over the soon-to-be-Father Pacer and laid hands upon him, which was followed by the laying on of hands by the other priests present. The bishop then prayed the prayer of ordination to the priesthood, and Father Pacer was vested as a priest. Bishop Malloy anointed the new priest’s hands with Chrism oil and handed onto him a paten with bread and a chalice with wine.
The priests present followed Bishop Malloy’s sign of peace given to the diocese’s newest priest, and deacons at the altar offered peace to the new transitional deacon. Father Pacer joined the priests and Deacon Orabutt stood to the side of the celebrants as the Mass continued.
Following communion, Father Pacer gave his first priestly blessing to Bishop Malloy, and his second blessing to his father, Michael. A reception was held following the Mass where he blessed everyone who requested it.
In his homily Bishop Malloy spoke to the two men before him, stating that “ordination is such a solemn and celebrated ceremony because at its heart is eternity.”
He spoke of being set apart and the offering they were making of “your very lives to Christ,” adding that “It will be a moment that marks you for all eternity.”
Reflecting on their new roles, the bishop spoke of their counter-cultural promises and how those commitments are special gifts and graces for them and for the world, done in imitation of Christ. He noted the challenging and yet “freeing gift” of the promise of obedience made by each to him and his successors “in this day and age that exalts the individual and personal freedom.”
As he concluded his homily, Bishop Malloy reminded them that “Christ will never be outdone in generosity of His help and presence for you. On good days and dark ones, He has called you and He will be with you. The task of a deacon and a priest is, in faith, to make this permanent commitment and to do so trusting in the personal love of Christ and the calling that you have received ...
“You have our prayers and our support as well.”
Deacon Connor Orabutt will serve this summer at Christ the Teacher Parish in DeKalb then begin his final year of classes. Father Nathan Pacer will begin his priestly ministry as a parochial vicar at St. Patrick Parish in St. Charles.


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