Rockford Rally Celebrates SCOTUS Decision, Despite Opposition
June 30, 2022
ROCKFORD—Logistics of the next phase of Pro-Life witness was evident as two to three dozen pro-lifers gathered on June 24 at the federal courthouse to celebrate the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. 
One logistic was the illogical arguments and signage (“Let’s talk about the elephant in the womb”?) of a couple dozen abortion supporters who crowded in front of pro-lifers in the middle section of the rally and formed a second, loud presence on the rally’s south end. An unfortunately-changed approach by police and a blatantly anti-Christian tone on the part of abortion promoters also seemed to signal what’s ahead. 
An attempt at dialogue between the groups came from a Knight of Columbus, who presented the pro-life position amicably to a young woman before being told he was crowding the abortion supporters and had to move back. A line-up of 6-7 abortion supporters was, however, allowed to stand along the curb in front of pro-lifers in the middle section of the rally.
As always, there were good things at this rally organized by the Rockford Family Initiative, including the always-beautiful presence of pro-lifers’ children who happily played with balloons and bubbles and pondered the noise around them. There were inspiring talks, clear and large signage for life, sincere prayers, and happy smiles whenever pro-lifers reminded one another that the Supreme Court decision was announced on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
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