St. Ambrose Alumni Gather in Sublette for a “Bee Happy Hour”
July 21, 2022
SUBLETTE—A swarm of about 40 St. Ambrose University alumni, students, prospective students, friends and family gathered on June 9 at the LaFiesta Restaurant downtown here for an inaugural Sublette “Bee Happy Hour.”
For 14 years, the month of June has featured Bee Happy Hours for “Fighting Bees” students of the university, which generally meet in large cities including Scottsdale, AZ, Chicago, St. Louis and Louisville. Sterling also has hosted. 
Sublette native Don Dinges, St. Ambrose University Class of 1957, called the school alumni office to ask if they could host one, and the office quickly responded and agreed to promote it.
Dinges and Linda Grady, Class of 1982, co-hosted the June 9 event in this village of 383 people. Dinges says that every year the nearby town of Amboy has one or two students (although the class of 2022 is sending four) who attend St. Ambrose University.
By the way, St. Ambrose is the patron saint of beekeepers and bees. 
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