Bishop Malloy Shares Prayer, Thanks With Society Members
By Penny Wiegert, Editor
October 6, 2022
ROCKFORD—Bishop David Malloy, through the diocesan Office of Charitable Giving, gave thanks to all those who assist the Church through their generosity as members of the Perpetual Light Society.
The expression of gratitude began Sept. 29 at Holy Family Parish with a Mass celebrated by Bishop Malloy along with concelebrants Father Phillip Kaim, pastor of Holy Family Parish; Father Godwin Asuquo, pastor of St. Patrick Parish, McHenry; and Father David Beauvais.  The Mass was followed by a dinner and talk by Bishop Malloy on “Revival: Our Parishes and the Eucharist.”
The Perpetual Light Society was established in 1995 to thank and celebrate parishioners who remember the Church in their will, estate or other planned gift. 
According to the Charitable Giving Office, “this stewardship practice of contributing a measure of one’s own earthly possession recognizes that everything comes from God; all our time, talent, treasure and assets are His gift to us, and we in turn show our deep sense of gratitude in a planned, proportionate and sacrificial manner. By doing so we proclaim that our faith was a priority in our lifetime; ensuring that those who come after us will have a similar opportunity to grow in their faith and thus, further the mission of the Church. “
After a dinner and Celtic music from the harp-and-flute trio Emerald Wind, Bishop Malloy shared insights about the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Eucharistic Revival, explaining his three-pronged focus for the diocese and parishes here.
Bishop Malloy began his talk with words of thanks for the Perpetual Society members, saying, “Your contributions your generosity helps the human aspect of the Church, and I can’t say enough of how much that is appreciated and how much that allows the hands of Christ, through the rest of us, to get out and be there …  in terms of the teaching, the sanctifying and the supporting of so many people.”
Bishop Malloy proposed that Catholics think about three levels of the Eucharist which he explained as the:
– Faith component: knowing that when we receive the Eucharist it is God Himself. 
– The personal relationship with Christ: “We need to have that continual personal revealing of ourselves to Him, offering ourselves to Him, asking Him to stand with us especially if there is a tough moment, if there is a moment of witness that is coming;” and, 
– The aspect of charity: “That begins by saying ‘I’ve now received the Lord’ or ‘Now I have gone into church and done my holy hour or visit to the Blessed Sacrament and now I’m going out the door.’ I take Christ with me either way, what do I do now?
“This, to me, is the program of revival that we’re hoping for over the next several years. I think one of the great challenges is going to be this:  How do we get to the people who aren’t in this room? How do we get to the people who, since COVID(-19), haven’t come back to Mass? How do we get to the people who weren’t coming to Mass before COVID(-19)? The Eucharist, the Eucharist, the Eucharist,” Bishop Malloy said.
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