‘Praying for the Dead Gives Hope to the Living
Message at Annual Cemetery Mass …
By Penny Wiegert, Editor
November 10, 2022
WINNEBAGO—Bishop David Malloy used the thoughts from 2 Maccabees, that it is good to pray for the dead, during his All Souls Day Mass celebrated inside the mausoleum at Calvary Cemetery, Nov. 2.
Bishop Malloy and about 50 others stood among the dead to remember them and pray for them while sunshine, warm temperatures and falling leaves bathed the cemetery grounds in color.
Bishop Malloy explained the privilege of priests on this day to celebrate three Masses: one for their personal intention, one for all the souls and one for the Holy Father. The bishop said in his homily that he always “loved the thought of All Souls Day because the souls in purgatory are not perfect. So, what a comfort that is that I don’t have to die as if I just got out of the confessional … but how can I live so that I can stand before judgement and be ready? And here is the Church saying, going back to that passage in Maccabees that says it good to pray for the dead, that God in His mercy allows us to be purified even after the moment of death.”
The Mass on this special day helps us know that “God hears us and listens to us, and our prayers join with God’s Will and are effective in helping those people (in purgatory) with their final purification. Our prayers and this knowledge of our faith give hope to the living,” Bishop Malloy said.
Names of all those who have died and been laid to rest at Calvary Cemetery this past year were printed on a handout and given to each participant in the Mass. 
Special Masses are traditionally celebrated in diocesan cemeteries on Memorial Day and All Souls Day. 
After the celebration of Mass Bishop Malloy greeted those in attendance and many went on to visit the graves or niches of their loved ones.


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