Below is a list of previous stories about the destruction and rebuilding of Haiti after the earthquake.

I know my own sheep, and my sheep know me
40th Time Around
Old Friends, New Friends
The Swing of Things
God is also Found in the Details
Historic Times for Haiti
Education is the Answer

Endings and Beginnings
Balancing Act

Words on Words and the Word
Every Nook and Cranny
High and Low Christology
Positive Three Ring Circus

Education is the Answer
Not all fun and games, but we play some of the time
Haitians Know What They Need
Million Dollars Down the Hole, Again
Putting the Light on the Stand
All Support is Local
It's all happening at once
Win, Win, Win
Trash Whirls, It Swirls, It Has to Go
It's Official
The Sun Will Come Out
We Need "U"
The Next Generation of Louverturians Unfolds
Open the Door and See All the People
When "Why" is more important than "What"
Once a Volunteer, Always a Volunteer
Flowers for Everyone
8 x 23
The Unexamined is Not Worth Living
Before the Ashes
Teachers of All Sorts
Every Nook and Cranny 
On the Third Anniversary 
United Way Campaigns Make a Difference for THP
When Its Good That Things Fall Down
Servant for All
The Time it Takes

When it's more that just stuff
The Drain Remains
Just add Sauce
Young, but elevated perspective
We will cook
Like a Stirred Up Beehive
It Begins at the Beginning
Living by the Son
Great Endings Come From Good Beginnings
Continuing on a Theme
When it Rains

The Season
When it pours (3-29-12)
Meetings and Encounters (3-22-12)
Dog Bites Man is Still News in Haiti (3-14-12)

It is All in The Swing (2-15-12)
Send Out The Laborers (1-25-12)
New Year, New Semester, New Faces (1-18-12)
The Gift of an Education (12-14-11)
All Hands On Deck (12-7-11)
Back At It (11-30-11)
Making It Happen in the Big Easy (11-16-11)
The Missionary's Responsibility (11-9-11)
Odysseus and Sisyphus (11-2-11)
A Million Dollars [Happily] In the Hole (10-19-11)
Adapt (10-12-11)
Building Social Structures (10-5-11)
Old Home Week (9-28-11)
The Heart of the Matter (9-14-11)
Getting into the full swing of things (9-7-11)
Hard work is our charism (9-1-11)
Settle In (8-24-11)
Back at it (8-18-11)
Graduation Day (6-15-11)
From Here To Sublimity (6-14-11)
Things to Celebrate (5-25-11)
Class of 2018 (5-12-11)
Flowers and Laurels for LCS (5-4-11)
Update: Spring (4-27-11)
Entering the Void (4-20-11)
The Walls of Louverture Cleary (4-13-11)
Historic Moments (3-31-11)
Authentic (3-2-11)
Peter and the calm before the storm (2-23-11)
The wall must go up (2-16-11)
Learning and executing (1-19-11)
We remember as we live (1-12-11)
Fruits of our labors outweigh costs and frustrations (12-16-10)
Planes, busses and cars must stop, but not LCS (12-8-10)
The Show must go on (11-29-10)
Ain't no language barrier high enough 11-3-10)
Celebrations and recognitions (10-20-10)
Great starts and good finishes (10-13-10)
Shovels and wheelbarrows (10-7-10)
Celebrations and things to celebrate (9-26-10)
Going Green 9-22-10)
LCS's first AD 9-16-10)
Support - Old and New (9-8-10)
Appearance is not everything, but it is something (9-1-10)
Preparing the way (8-25-10)
Back, but not all back (8-18-10)
It begins again (6-30-10)
Public Works (6-23-10)
Working on the details (6-17-10)
An extra 100 meters in an 800 meter race (6-11-2010)
A Job well done (6-2-2010)
Walls go up (5/27/10)
A gift of technology(5/20/10)
Rounding the final turn(5/5/10)
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly(4/28/10)
Can't get enough of a good thing(4/21/10)
All in a day(4/16/10)
At the threshold(4/9/10)
Made new again(4/9/10)
The last wall (3/31/10)
From tent, to house, to home, in 6 weeks (3/26/2010)
RI goes way out of state (3/26/2010)
We are rebuilding Haiti (3/19/2010)
The Beauty (3/17/2010)
Life must go on (3/15/2010)
Almost there (3/3/2010)
A Cardinal day (3/3/2010)
100 longest yards (3/3/2010)
A house is a home (3/1/2010)
A crowd on campus (2/24/2010)
What do you do for others (2/22/2010)
The magnitude of work (2/17/2010)
A month later (2/15/2010)
Making the rounds (2/10/2010)
The sublime in the rubble (2/8/2010)
Undaunted (2/3/2010)
Relief (2/2/2010)
Another step of normalcy (2/1/2010)
Working without adrenaline (1/28/2010)
At ease (1/26/2010)
Moving forward - 16 (1/25/2010)
Reinforcements arrive (1/21/2010)
Moving ahead (1/19/2010)
School's back - or at least a version of it (1/19/2010)
Clean-up begins (1/18/2010)
Charism holds us together (1/18/2010)