Don’t Get Stuck In the Weeds
Lent Reflection
by Father Robert Blood, Parochial vicar, Holy Family, Rockford
February 25, 2021
On a lot of cooking competition shows they use the phrase “getting stuck in the weeds.” They have an ultimate plan for the dish they’re making, but in the midst of making it the little distractions can overwhelm. 
Sometimes, flowing from our zeal for the faith, we too can find ourselves in the weeds during Lent. We start with a plan — maybe some daily sacrifice or extra devotion — but by about this time we can lose sight of the why. 
We rush at the end of the day to get the rosary in. We struggle to avoid the decadent dessert after a stressful day of family. And that stretching pushes us to entertain thoughts of resentment or feelings of self-loathing if we can’t seem to cut it. 
I don’t believe being stuck and frustrated is the intention of the Church in giving us this season. Lent is a time of preparation, not necessarily a forced season of suffering. We are waiting for, and actively preparing our hearts for the Resurrection of the Christ. 
Preparation can be real work, and it can be tiresome. Imagine a cook having to peel countless potatoes in order to serve their restaurants’ needs. The peeling isn’t for the peeling’s sake. It’s for the result of having the prepared food. 
The extra prayer, fasting, and almsgiving isn’t there for its own sake but instead for the result of our hearts being softened while we wait in hope for Christ’s destroying death by death.
It’s been a long year. Some have mentioned how it doesn’t feel like Lent ended from last year because continuous suffering has become a pretty normal reality for many since last spring. 
I think in a special way during this Lent it is important for us to keep our eye on the goal, Easter. Christ prevails. 
If today you’re feeling stuck in the weeds, take a deep breath, be gentle with yourself, and remember that He is with us every step of the way to bring us to the light that we so desperately hope for. 


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