Lent Reflection
Remember You Are Not Alone
by Father Kenneth Anderson Pastor, St. Thomas Aquinas, Freeport Dean of the Freeport Deanery
March 11, 2021
So often, as we sit back to watch our favorite football team on a Sunday afternoon, the camera pans over the crowd, to zoom in on that one person. 
It is that one individual holding a poster aloft, which is inscribed John 3:16 — “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.” 
We have seen and heard this verse so often that we become insensible to its meaning for us. Our awesome God is a prodigal God, who spills His love and mercy upon us in a seemingly reckless manner.
This is an important truth to ponder. To be loved freely, without conditions or limits, can make us uncomfortable. It implies an intimate relationship with us which opens the possibility of change and transformation. 
Such an unlimited love moves God out of the confines of being that divine disciplinarian, or eternal judge, into the God who is love, who pours out upon us every good thing and blessing.
Saying “Yes” to God, and all of those things that are holy can make us quite uncomfortable. We do not like being dependent on God, and fear what He might ask us to do. 
So we become like little children, trying to complete a task all by themselves, and angrily refusing help from mom or dad. But, they become increasingly frustrated and even come to the conclusion that no one loves them. 
We can refuse to accept the grace that is always there.
We resist hope and hate the light, in fear of the exposure to love and to the truth on which it rests. As men and women of faith, we want to entrust ourselves to the love and mercy of God the Father. 
Later in John’s Gospel Jesus will remind His listeners that He does not do His own will, but the will of the Father. 
Remember that you are not alone. God loves you.
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