Wednesday Devotions to End on March 31
March 25, 2021
DIOCESE—One of the most important missions for a bishop is to reach the people in his pastoral care. 
Bishop David Malloy, like so many diocesan priests and their staffs, had to think of new and creative ways to fulfill the mission of outreach during lockdowns and cancellations brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.
Over one year ago, as public gatherings were cancelled, Bishop Malloy began celebrating a Sunday Mass from the chapel in his residence. And beginning on March 18, 2020, he expanded his outreach to the people of the diocese by offering a weekly meditation. 
He used modern technology to continue to bring the Word of God to the diocesan faithful even though he couldn’t be physically present with them.
Every Wednesday, Bishop Malloy set up his phone and invited viewers to pray with him. The videos where he led a rosary, provided prayer and adoration time, read the Gospels of the day and provided reflections on the Word of God and sometimes on events happening in our world, were posted to the Diocese of Rockford website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. 
The devotions were available for viewing every Wednesday at 12 noon.
“The Wednesday devotions provided a way for me to stay connected with folks especially when most people were asked to stay in their homes,” Bishop Malloy said. 
“Challenging times create for us a special reliance and respect for the role of God in our lives. The videos helped me as bishop to remind people of God’s word and His promise of hope,” Bishop Malloy said.
However, now as some of the gathering limitations have been lifted for activities outside of Mass, and Bishop Malloy’s schedule gets busier with in-person meetings and obligations, he will conclude the Wednesday meditations during Holy Week on March 31.
“I hope the prayers offered each week have been of some comfort and inspiration to all viewers and I will continue to offer prayers for all the good people of this diocese,” Bishop Malloy said.
Bishop Malloy will continue to offer an online Mass each Sunday at 9 a.m. until the dispensation for the obligation of Mass is lifted and capacity limits on parishes are lifted entirely.  
The Sunday Mass will continue to be posted on the Diocese of Rockford website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. 
To view any of the past meditations and Masses go to
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