Got Vax?
Bishop urges everyone to consider three key points when attending Mass, other Church activities
May 27, 2021
ROCKFORD—As Illinois’ Bridge Phase toward normalcy opened last week, Catholics in the Rockford Diocese found themselves confused about how they were to behave. 
Bishop David Malloy, in his column (see page 2) writes,  “It is no secret that the different recommendations and approaches to COVID-19 have been controversial over the last 15 months.”
But he goes on to say, “I would urge that we keep in mind three important indicators: charity, personal responsibility and the common good.”
A key difference in the bridge guidelines is that people who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks at Mass and other church activities, and no one is to be questioned about their vaccination status.
Other changes include:
Sacramental gatherings
The maximum attendance at all indoor sacramental gatherings will be increased to 75% percent of capacity of space, maintaining as much physical distance as possible, and continuing to follow the other Back in His Presence rules of registration, wearing masks, hand sanitizing and cleaning and disinfecting.
Non-sacramental gatherings
These may resume on church premises with a maximum attendance of 60% of space capacity. Parishes must continue to adhere to the health department guide lines of the county in which the parish is located by wearing masks, frequently sanitizing hands, maintaining social distancing, and following cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.
Details of how Illinois’ Bridge Phase is making a difference in Church activities are spelled out in the Rockford Diocese’s updated Back in His Presence plan on the diocesan website.
Full opening in Illinois is expected in early June.
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