Deanery Women Again Help Kids Go Back to School
August 12, 2021
ROCKFORD—The Rockford Deanery Council of Catholic Women is again gathering donations to help kids have everything they need for the new school year.
The RDCCW is partnering with Catholic Charities through St. Elizabeth Catholic Community Center, which will distribute the supplies. 
A letter sent to the 17 parishes in the Rockford Deanery included a list of needed supplies. 
The letter also advised that parishes should help their local schools first and then consider donating to the CCW supply drive to help children served through St. Elizabeth Center, including in the after-school program on the South Main Street campus in Rockford.
Cash donations are welcome and will go to purchase larger items like calculators for high schools students, gym shoes and special paper for math classes. Parish collections of school supplies can be dropped off at St. Elizabeth Center at 1505 S. Main St., Rockford.
For questions about making monetary donations contact Jeanette Gawronski at or call the center at 815-969-6526.
School Supply List
Crayons Colored pencils Large box of tissues
Ink pens, red, blue, black Prang Water Paints Wide lined spiral notebooks
Rulers (inches and metric) Colored markers, 8-count No. 2 pencils
Pink erasers Yellow highlighters School glue
Wide lined notebook paper Calculators Pocket folders
Three-ring binders Scissors Red pencils
Pencil boxes 3x5 lined note cards  Back packs



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