Mission Appeal Final Combined Collection for 2021
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
October 7, 2021
DIOCESE—The “One in Christ” Mission Appeal for 2021 will be held Oct. 16-17 across the Diocese of Rockford.
This final combined appeal for 2021 includes six collections for missionary efforts in the U.S. and around the world. They include:
n World Mission Sunday (missio.org), a global effort to build up over 1,000 churches in Asia and Africa, the Pacific Islands, parts of Latin America and Europe. Last year, this diocese gave $40,591 to this effort.
n Black and Indian Mission Collection (blackandindianmission.org), which gives grants to dioceses that work to build up the Church in Native American, Black Catholic communities and Alaska Native communities. Last year, the Rockford Diocese provided $26,109 to this collection.
n The Catholic Home Missions (usccb.org) funds pastoral projects in dioceses without enough resources to provide them for the faithful. More than 40% of U.S. dioceses are considered home missions. Last year, Catholics from this diocese provided $26,109 to this cause.
n The Church in Latin America (usccb.org/latinamerica) funds support material and educational needs of religious sisters and nuns serving in Latin America as well as other mission efforts in those countries.
In 2020, the Rockford Diocese provided $19,668 to this collection. 
n The Church in Africa (usccb.org/committees/church-africa) supports the growing Catholic faith in Africa where there are not enough local resources to provide pastoral care where it is needed. This diocese gave $23,478 last year to this collection. 
One piece of this collection provides an opportunity for Catholics to make an extra commitment to missionary work. 
n All are welcome to become a member of the Society of the Propagation of the Faith (propfaith.net/onefamilyinmission/default.aspx), offering up their prayers and personal crosses for the missions and donating financial gifts during the year. 
Just designate this part of the appeal on the Mission Appeal envelope and your name and address will be sent to the National SPF Office. Last year, the diocese contributed $4,809 to the SPF.
Two other pieces of the Mission Appeal contribute to Rockford Diocesan collections: Catholic Elementary School Financial Support for schools that have operating deficits, and the diocesan Priests’ Pension to support retired priests of the diocese (rockforddiocese.org/donate).
In his letter for the Mission Appeal, Bishop David Malloy expresses his appreciation of those whose “kind generosity” supports the appeal.
“This Mission Appeal supports several important efforts in the Church in one combined collection instead of separate collections” for each of those listed … 
“This one opportunity allows you to support them … all at once,” he says, adding, “May we be inspired and moved with gratitude for those who generously and joyously bring the Gospel to all places and people.”
More information about each appeal in this combined collection is available at the websites listed in this article.


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