Reenacting the Way of the Cross
By Margarita Mendoza, Editor El Observador
April 21, 2022
AURORA—Aurora’s bilingual live Stations of the Cross returned to the streets here, April 15, after two years of restrictions due to COVID-19. Coordinated by Sister María Ventura Chavez, OpSF, the event involved the priests and faithful of the city’s parishes. 
 “This is a great event and is an act of faith,” said Bishop David Malloy. 
The procession started on Fulton St. at 10 a.m., by the parking lots of Sacred Heart Parish. About 300 people began the Stations at Bishop Malloy Font, a water feature outside Sacred Heart Parish. The number of the faithful who attended increased with each Station. 
The reenactment of Jesus’ steps to the cross was so realistic that the multitude was moved. “I’m sorry, Jesus, because I’ve been so bad,” a child said in tears to her mother. 
There were different topics of reflection at each Station. For instance, the second Station called attendees to reflect on “the cross of people alone and abandoned even by their own children and family members.” The eighth Station focused on “the cross of humanity, which wanders in the darkness of uncertainty and in the darkness of the culture of the momentary.”  
A chorus from St. Therese of Jesus Parish sang along the way.
After more than a half mile of walking, praying and reflection, the last Station was across the street from St. Nicholas Parish, where about 1,000 people congregated. 
Bishop David Malloy blessed the attendees and gave thanks to organizers, volunteers and participants. He also thanked in a special way the City of Aurora and the Aurora Police Department, who keep the streets safe and protected during the procession each year.
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