New Lessons From The Old Masters
High school students find inspiration, prayer in classic religious imagery
April 21, 2022
ELGIN—During Holy Week, a group of students at St. Edward Central Catholic High School found a way to pray through art. 
The school’s fine art instructor, Catherine Kessuvan (’15), instructed students in her Advanced Art class on techniques to create paintings and sketches on canvas using classic religious imagery. 
Although the  students were able to work with modern art materials, they were encouraged to follow traditional sketching methods. For those who chose to paint, that process included beginning in brown and sienna, as shown at right. 
The paintings included many colors. So why did students choose to start in only browns?
Painters throughout history, and even today, use the humble color for many reasons. It is  helpful for creating skin tones, and the warmer color (compared to black) keeps the painting from looking dark and muddy, letting the light shine through when hit by the sun. 
It so happened that letting the light of their faith shine through was the goal of these student artists. 
These works of art and many others demonstrating St. Edward CCHS students’ talent, knowledge, and skill in the fine arts will be showcased at the “2022 Fine Arts Festival” on April 24 at the school’s open house event, 1–3 p.m. 
—Information provided by St. Edward Central Catholic High School; compiled by Megan Peterson.
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