Bishop David Malloy issues statement on abortion in Rockford
July 14, 2022
Recent public reports suggest that efforts are being made to open a facility providing abortion services in the city of Rockford. In this moment following the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, I urge all the faithful and people of good will throughout the Diocese of Rockford to renew their commitment to the sanctity of human life at all stages.
Every life, beginning at conception and lasting until death, is sacred. Life is a precious gift in the eyes of God, and both science and reason call upon us to welcome all members of the human family to the table. This is the basis of a society that loves and respects all of its members. For this reason, we work to offer help and encouragement to families, single mothers, and women and children who are in need.
The reintroduction of abortion facilities into the city of Rockford or more widely into northern Illinois would be an offense against human dignity and against our love for the most vulnerable among us. I urge prayer and fasting for God’s guidance in opposing the introduction of such facilities. This is also a moment to contact our city and state public officials to make clear our support for the right to life and our opposition to the taking of the life of the unborn.
This is our opportunity to make our communities places of welcome and respect for human life. We need to stand proudly and seize this moment for the good of all.
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