Sister Makes Solemn Profession at Poor Clares
September 15, 2022
ROCKFORD—Sister Mary Agnes of the Divine Bridegroom made her solemn profession as a Poor Clare Colettine nun on Sept. 3 at Corpus Christi Monastery.
“Religious profession is an act of adoration of God which shows forth splendidly the Paschal mystery, impelling us to lose our life that we may find it,” says the Poor Clare Constitutions, Article 5.1.
The rite took place after the Gospel was proclaimed at Mass celebrated by Bishop David Malloy and several concelebrants.
The rite includes several steps pictured here from behind the grate in photos
Sister Agnes beams at the celebration after her profession, which included a “wedding cake” for her solemn vows to Christ, her Spouse. 
provided by the Poor Clare nuns.
Bishop Malloy called Sister Agnes to the grate, and she asked to “be joined in solemn vows to Christ, my Spouse, that I may persevere with our help and encouragement, Reverend Mother Abbess and dear Sisters, in this form of life, for the praise of God and the service of His Church.”
After the bishop’s homily, Sister Agnes was questioned on her readiness. All present then prayed for the Holy Spirit to come to her. A Litany of the Saints was chanted as Sister Agnes prostrated herself, covered with a cloth.
Sister Agnes then sang an antiphon of trust in God as professed sisters gathered around her holding lighted candles. Sister Agnes then knelt before the abbess, Mother Mary Dominica Stein, PCC. Placing her hands in Mother Dominica’s hands she pronounced the formula of profession, making her vow to God and the abbess, “living in obedience, without anything of my own and in chastity; and I vow to observe enclosure.”
Extending his hands over Sister Agnes, Bishop Malloy then prayed the prayer of consecration. He blessed the ring, which Mother Dominica placed on Sister Agnes’ finger. The bishop also blessed the crown of thorns which was gently but firmly placed on Sister Agnes’ head.
The bishop gave Sister Agnes the sign of peace, as did her mother and sister, and the Poor Clare nuns. Mass continued, and after it was completed, Bishop Malloy imparted a special blessing to the newly-professed sister, and commended her to Mother Dominica.
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