First Combined Collection Set for Mid-January
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
January 12, 2023
DIOCESE—The first of three One in Christ annual combined collections to benefit what otherwise would be numerous individual collections will take place at parishes throughout the Diocese of Rockford the weekend of Jan. 14-15.
This National Appeal will assist six causes in the United States. They are:
• The Retirement Fund for Religious, which helps religious orders take care of their elderly members. Many of those religious order sisters, brothers and priests served Catholics for decades and were paid with small stipends, room and board. Many religious communities now struggle to provide for their infirm members who gave their lives to the faith. Last year, this diocese gave $135,370 to this collection. 
• The Catholic Communication Campaign, which supports Catholic media projects in the U.S. and in our own diocese. Those include projects on the internet, on TV, on radio and in newspapers — technologies old and new. Last year our diocese provided $116,484 to this part of the collection. (
• Rockford Diocesan Elementary Schools that have operating deficits receive assistance 
from this national collection. In 2022, $122,058 was provided to needy schools in the Rockford Diocese. (
• Catholic University of America (CUA) was established in 1887 and now has 5,700 students who receive an exceptional Catholic education. What is given to this part of the collection directly supports financial assistance for students. With donors’ generosity, last year this collection gave $7,457 to CUA. (
• Catholic Campaign for Human Development is a long-standing program that addresses some of the root causes of poverty in our nation, giving grants to community groups who create jobs, assist education and strengthen neighborhoods. The diocese gave $17,509 to this part of the combined collection in 2022. (
• Finally, the Rockford Diocesan Priests’ Pension fund is a beneficiary of this collection in support of our diocesan priests who often continue to serve after retiring. Last year, the faithful of the Rockford Diocese contributed $149,408 to this fund. (
In his letter to parishioners, Bishop David Malloy expresses his appreciation to donors. He notes how the collection helps “more than 25,000 elderly Catholic sisters, brothers and religious order priests,” as well as recipients of the other five causes covered by this combined appeal.
Calling the collection “an opportunity to support local Catholic elementary schools and national higher education … and also contribute to national efforts to share the Gospel,” the bishop thanks all for considering a donation to this first combined appeal in 2023.
For more information, see the websites listed after each part of the appeal.
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