Called to Advocate for Children
God Calls … Julie Segoviano
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
January 20, 2023
God calls numerous people to serve in pro-life ministries. Julie Segoviano is one who serves in Elgin in the Fox Valley.
Segoviano is both a staff member and volunteer at The Life Center (doing business as TLC Pregnancy Services) in Elgin and Schaumburg, coming to TLC after her youngest child graduated from high school. 
But her service on behalf of the lives of unborn children started long before that.
As a 22-year-old, Segoviano met a woman named Fran who was active in the pro-life movement “on the political side of things. So I made phone calls for her, asking people (to) vote pro-life,” she says.
“Throughout the years, with babies on my back,” she says she joined in pro-life prayer and witness at certain hospitals and also in downtown Chicago. With her children in tow, she (and they) prayed the rosary outside abortion clinics. “I homeschooled,” she says, “and I would take the kids.”
And always, Segoviano adds, she was active with the Respect Life group at her parish.
When TLC was about to open a pro-life clinic in Schaumburg close to eight years ago, Segoviano asked if they needed volunteers. They did. Her weekly volunteer work answering phones, helping clients and assisting with ultrasounds at that clinic continues to this day.
Additionally, about six years ago Segoviano accepted a paid position at the TLC home office in Elgin as its church liaison and coordinator of volunteers.
“We have a lot of active volunteers, (some) 50 who are active in different ways,” she says, quickly adding that the ministry can always use more help. Assistance provided by their volunteers includes baking for TLC events, set-up and clean-up at events, and periodic mailings — “a bunch of ladies help with that,” she says.
Some people volunteer as drivers for the TLC mobile unit, some help landscape the TLC offices or work on the buildings at tasks such as painting and cleaning. 
There also are volunteers who work in the clinics. Segoviano describes that service as a one morning or one afternoon each week commitment — the same commitment she gives to the TLC Schaumburg clinic as a volunteer.
Besides individuals who volunteer, Segoviano notes that “churches are so important in this ministry. The churches can support us by participating in Baby Bottle Campaigns, by promoting our fundraisers and by holding baby showers to help our moms with material needs, along with (church individuals) volunteering!
“The churches’ support is so important to help keep our doors open to these families. These children who are being aborted are all of ours. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ.”
She notes the multi-year efforts of the Knights of Columbus to raise funds for ultrasound machines for them (and other pregnancy care facilities around the diocese). The KCs and an area Baptist church are currently raising money for an ultrasound machine for the coming-soon Shiphrah program in Elgin.
“We have quite a lot of Catholic churches” who help TLC, Segoviano says, adding that smaller churches “are awesome too.”
As a lifelong Catholic, Segoviano knows that her faith impacts her efforts on behalf of life.
“I think my faith carries me in here (to TLC),” she says. “I couldn’t go through life without God.”
Her pro-life service did not start with “a specific moment,” she says. She points to her confirmation saint, St. Therese of Lisieux, who is famous for living what she called the “Little Way.” 
“You feel like you can live up to a little way,” Segoviano says. “If you don’t feel like you’re a big deal, (do) whatever small thing you can do.”
“I also always had opportunities come to me,” she says, pointing to her long-ago church friend who asked if she would call people and encourage them to vote pro-life. “I said ‘Yes,’ because it is the most important thing to me. Babies and children always have been important to me.
“I always felt called as an advocate for children. It is such a horrible thing for a mom to be alone and going through an abortion. I want to help in any little way I can.”
The Life Center’s Ministry
The Life Center was begun in Elgin in 1996 and, as services expanded, they changed the name to TLC Pregnancy Services. Their offices are in Elgin, Schaumburg and, since 2020, in Palatine.
“Life Choices” is the name of the TLC medical clinic. Other services include:
Hope Services — provides food, clothing, baby items and anything that mothers need for their child’s first three years; all items are donated.
Mobile Unit Services — to go where no pregnancy care services are available. Rockford pro-lifers will remember the initial TLC mobile unit that served outside Rockford’s former abortion clinic. That unit was donated in 2021 by TLC to a pregnancy center in Florida after its lack of insulation made it difficult to run in the cold. The current unit operates three days a week, traveling to a location in Elgin, in Streamwood and in Carpentersville.
“Surrendering the Secret” — an abortion recovery program.
Men’s Mentoring.
And coming soon: The Shiphrah Program — providing consistent prenatal care to needy women during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy with the services of a midwife/advanced practice nurse who also will provide abortion pill reversal. It will serve Kane and Cook counties. It is named after a long-ago midwife in Egypt who would not kill the firstborn Israelite babies.


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