Second Combined Collection Serves Many Nations
By Amanda Hudson, News Editor
March 2, 2023
DIOCESE—The Diocese of Rockford’s “One in Christ” International Appeal will take place at parishes the weekend of March 11-12.
This second combined collection in 2023 will support six different appeals:
– Peter’s Pence provides the pope with funds he can use to respond to needs around the world. Last year, the diocese gave $65,520 to this part of the appeal. Information: 
– Aid to the Catholic Church in Central and Eastern Europe is an annual effort to rebuild churches, support seminary programs, provide ministries and education for children and families, and renew community life in places still recovering from past occupations. Last year, the faithful of the diocese gave $113,012 to this collection with an additional $28,868 supporting efforts in Ukraine. Information:
– Catholic Relief Services (CRS) reaches across the globe in support of a variety of needs including to help victims of persecution, those suffering from natural disasters, to provide legal services for immigrants and give help to those who are powerless who have many needs. Last year, $129,223 was contributed along with an additional $18,929 to assist in Ukraine. Information:
Three appeals in the Diocese of Rockford are supported by this International Appeal: Catholic Elementary School Financial Support, the diocesan Priests’ Pension and the Worldwide and U.S. Disaster Relief Fund of the Rockford Diocese.
– The first supports underprivileged diocesan Catholic schools so they can continue to educate and provide religious and moral formation to their students. Last year, $95,000 was provided by this collection for this appeal. Information:
– The diocesan Priests’ Pension is essential to support our retired priests as well as our current priests when they retire in the future. Last year, $198,913 was distributed to this pension. Information:
– And the Worldwide and U.S. Disaster Relief Fund of the Rockford Diocese gives the Bishop of Rockford the ability to respond to some of numerous requests for financial assistance from areas affected by disasters. He also can respond to news reports and to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ requests. Last year, $30,000 was distributed from this fund on behalf of the people of the Diocese of Rockford.
This International Appeal collection, says Rockford Bishop David Malloy, “gives us an opportunity to share this message of Jesus Christ with people of all place and situations.”
The Universal Church, he adds, is assisted through this appeal. He names in his appeal letter the Church in Central and Eastern Europe as they deal with many impacts originating in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He notes last year’s aid given to Ukraine as well as humanitarian relief to people in countries as far-flung as South Africa, Pakistan, Colombia and other countries.
He points out also that last year, the diocesan disaster relief fund helped Catholic Charities’ response to the tornadoes in the Diocese of Owensboro, Kentucky, and to Hurricane Ian’s destruction in the Diocese of Venice in Florida.
“Through the International Appeal, you can share the Gospel message of mercy with others, whether close to home, or abroad. Please be generous as you prayerfully consider your contribution,” Bishop Malloy concludes. “May God bless you and your family this Lenten season.”


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