Dispensation Granted for St. Patrick’s Day
March 9, 2023
DIOCESE—On Feb. 1 this year, Bishop David Malloy issued a formal dispensation for diocesan Catholics for March 17 only. 
The rescript granting a dispensation from the law of abstinence on the memorial of St. Patrick reads in part: 
“Now I, the undersigned Bishop of Rockford, hereby DISPENSE the faithful who reside in the Diocese of Rockford, as well as anyone actually present in the Diocese of Rockford, from the observance of the law of abstinence on Friday, March 17, 2023; 
And I urge them to perform some other work of penance or charity that day giving due honor and respect to the Paschal Mystery of Our Lord and Savior.”
Thanks to the dispensation, parishes around the diocese are welcome to celebrate St. Patrick with traditional corned beef dinners and other festivities. 
The Observer will also mark the feast day with an Irish recipe in the March 17 edition of Ashes to Ashes. 
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