The Teeter Totter in Us
Lent Reflection - Palm Sunday
Father Timothy Barr, St. Joseph and St. Mary, Freeport, Pastor
March 23, 2023
Palm Sunday begins Holy Week. It is a remembrance of the Passion of Our Lord and His love for us. 
We begin with the celebration that set the course that led to the death of Our Savior. It begins with great joy. People all over recognize Jesus as the long-awaited King and Messiah. 
But like most things in life, there are many who despise Jesus and His goodness. A conflict arises and those with evil intent do everything they can to get Jesus killed. They put an incredible amount of pressure on the people in Jerusalem to deny Jesus. 
Some do not know much about Him; others do. Some are hopeful, yet others are skeptical of any good news. 
Today there is pressure from so many sources to reject Jesus. We have a decision to make, just like the people of Jerusalem did so many years ago. 
Back then, Jesus was a source of division, even among family. Today, it is not much different. Many of our own family members may reject us or cause disruption if we talk about Jesus at the Christmas or Easter table. Those who do not believe in Jesus go so far as to despise Him and anybody who proclaims Him. It could cause so much division when we live in a world that needs to be united. So what are we to do? 
Back then, there was no straddling the fence or room for teeter-tottering on this issue. Those who stood by Jesus were risking their very lives. 
There was a reason why Peter denied Jesus three times. They did not threaten him with smiles. His accusers were ready to throw him in with Jesus. We might not be killed, but society would make us suffer for our faith in Jesus. 
Like back then, there are all sorts of people. Some people hate Him, some think He is okay — a nice guy. Others believe. I hope I would be writing to those who believe. Peter believed, but he denied Him. 
We cannot teeter-totter in faith today. When our faith is tested, we need to remind ourselves and others that there is no shame in believing in a God who is full of mercy and love. But this belief is founded on the reality of what we celebrate this very week. The Gospel message truly is the good news. Keep the faith.
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