Illinois March for Life: Why did its location and date change?
April 6, 2023
The 2023 March was held with support by weDignify, Illinois Right to Life, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Wisconsin Right to Life, Illinois Knights of Columbus, Catholic dioceses and others. 
With the overturn of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, state laws matter more than ever. In the last few years, lawmakers in Springfield passed the Repeal of Parental Notification (2021), the Reproductive Health Act (which allows abortion through all nine months), removed health inspections of abortion clinics, and more (2019) and HB 40 Tax Payer Funding of Abortion (2017). 
As a result, march organizers say, at least four regional abortion clinics have been built in Illinois near the borders of Wisconsin, Missouri and Indiana since 2018. Recently, they report, an abortion organization launched a bus to travel around the Illinois state border to offer abortions to women in neighboring states.
The move to Springfield brings the march to where those laws were made.
With the desire to call upon civic leaders in Springfield, the march needed to be on a weekday when state lawmakers are at the capitol. During the legislative session, lawmakers are not in Springfield on Monday or Friday and are often traveling back to their district on Thursday afternoons. That leaves Tuesday or Wednesday, and Tuesday worked best for most partner organizations. 
The Illinois legislative session occurs in the spring, so state lawmakers are usually in Springfield in the month of March.  
“Rallying and marching when state lawmakers are present significantly increases the impact on lawmakers,” say organizers, who add the legislative session sometimes winds up at the end of March without going into April. March is a consistent month to gather at the state capitol when lawmakers are in session working on and voting on laws.
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